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Thread: Visiting Duomo - are tickets required?

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    Default Visiting Duomo - are tickets required?

    We are visiting Florence in a couple of weeks & would like to visit the cathedral however due to my husbands disabilities we will not be able to climb the steps up to the dome, do we still need to purchase tickets or is it free just to go into the cathedral & look up at the dome? If we dont purchase tickets will we have to stand in the long queues to get in? I dont mind purchasing the tickets at €18 each if it means avoiding the queues.

    It also talks about fast track tickets, what are these for?

    Thank you

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    The inside of the cathedral is always free for everyone and does not require a ticket, and with his disability, go to the top of the line and you'll get priority entrance.

    Where did you find info on fast-track tickets? I need to delete that since it was something they tried for a while and then discarded, the "pass" for the Duomo at 18 euros includes the climb up the Duomo/dome, climb up the belltower, the baptistery, the crypt under the cathedral (only stairs) and the museum Opera del Duomo (located behind the cathedral. If you wish to visit these other sites, other than the climbs, you will need to buy the pass but there is no priority for having the pass.
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    Thank you for this information.

    Sorry but one other question? Do we need tickets to go in the crypt, bapistery or is the ticket just to climb the dome? We would like to do the other bits we just dont want to climb the dome or tower?

    Many thanks

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