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Thread: Florence in September 2018

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    We will arrive in Forence via train about 2:00 PM on 20 September. Assuming, we arrive on time, would we have time to make it to the DaVinci museum for a 5:00 admission? Do they have luggage storage? (we will only have backpacks and small pull along bags) If not, we are at Art Atalier. Would we have time to drop off?
    If not what else could we see that late in the day? Due to airline and travel schedule we only have 1 full day and 2 half-days in Florence.
    Our preferences are DaVinci museum, Duomo, Accademia?, Uffizi?, or Palazzo Vecchio. We also saw there is the Galileo museum and know there are many walking tours.

    We do not plan to take guided tours...

    Lucy's mom

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    I would definitely head over to your hotel first (if the train is on time: ) Check out Google maps, it is about a 500m walk. From here you can then head over to the da Vinci Museum with plenty of time to visit the exhibits.

    Florence is not that large - and if you are walkers, it should all be very do-able.

    Since your time is limited -if you want to see either the Accademia or Uffizi - book your tickets ahead of time so you don't lose time waiting in line.

    I understand you are traveling with a young tourist - so you might want to read this article for some ideas

    (I am a fan of the MAF - the archeological museum)

    I also suggest that you read this article here - I know you said no organized tours, but there are a few connected to the museums that may just be worth a look - they are inexpensive when you have the tickets to the museum, organized by the museum in order to best enjoy what it has to offer - I've done a few at Palazzo Vecchio with kids and it was well worth the effort. https://www.visitflorence.com/floren...-florence.html

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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