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Thread: florence in two days with 4 year old kid

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    Smile florence in two days with 4 year old kid

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very excited to visit Italy.We have planned 2 days for florence from 20th-21 st october.In the evening we will be moving ahead for Rome.I know, Its very short stay.But, can you please help me to make my this short trip sweet and memorable as well?

    I am planning to visit Florenec-Pisa-Chianti-countryside of Tucsany.Is it possible to cover these all in two days?
    Is it worth taking any 2 days tour which will cover all these places?
    Also, as we will be roaming with kid,taking public transport would be ok?
    Can you suggest some attractions for the kids in any of these cities?

    Thanks in advance. have a nice day!


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    Two days is short so you will have to limit your choice to Florence and one other area especially if you plan to use public transport. But to help with your choice it would help to know the age of your child.

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    Sorry - read the text but not the heading.

    OK - 1 day in Florence and one day doing Pisa & Lucca.

    With a 4 year old it is appropriate to avoid too much walking and a Siena/San Gimignano combination might be too much.

    Children at an early age (I have 2 girls - now grown up) are like sponges. They absorb far more than you can imagine. If you ask them at the end of the day what they remember they say nothing but weeks or months later with the right stimulus - photos or videos you took at the time their memories will be like a river in flood.

    In Florence it is perhaps best to avoid the museums but just walf around the mains sites such as - Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, il Duomo, the Giotto tower and the baptistery. Also the Mercato di San Lorenzo and the central market. All experiences which will be remembered. If however you do wish to visit a museum - the Uffizi, for example - you must book a time to avoid any queues.

    Pisa/Lucca - go first to Pisa. La Piazza dei Miracoli can be visited in less than an hour. The Leaning Tower will be remembered forever. On to Lucca. This is not only a perfect lunch destination but is a small walkable city. Do not miss a walk on top of the walls surrounding the city.

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