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Thread: Bus ticket question ?

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    Default Bus ticket question ?

    I want to get a bus ticket to go to San Gimignano from Florence. I need some help where can I buy bus tickets?

    Now we want to go to San Gimignano as early as possible to try & beat some crowds like 7:30 am are there ticket offices open that early?

    Also when I buy the tickets are they round trip tickets? Or would I have to buy a seperate return ticket at San Gimignano ?

    If so where in San Gimignano can I buy the ticket?

    ***also when I look at the time table for the return from San Gimignano to Florence all it says is it returns to Firenze arrivi directa where in Florence is that? How do I know if the bus will stop at the same place in Florence Wendy to Santa MarĂ­a novella train station?

    So sorry for my 5 million questions but appreciate any help
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    The ticket office for the bus is inside the station which is just across from the train station. I believe it is open daily from 6AM until 10PM.
    We recently took the #131R bus from Florence to Siena and back. We bought tickets for the round trip a day or so in advance, so we wouldn't have to worry about a line on the day we wanted to travel. We bought the round trip ticket, so we wouldn't have to fool with trying to figure out where to purchase a return ticket in Siena. The tickets can be used at any time.
    I believe the bus to San G would be the #131, not the #131R. It was an easy and enjoyable way to travel.

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