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Thread: Rose Garden and Wisteria plant

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    Default Rose Garden and Wisteria plant

    Hi I am studying abroad in Florence for the semester. For my final paper in my travel writing class, I am writing about the different flowers and gardens in Florence. I have some questions about the Rose Garden and the Wisteria plant.

    Rose Garden:
    I was wondering what do the numbers on the signs next to the roses in the rose garden mean? On the lower left corner there is the letter "C." with a number and on the lower right corner there is a letter "n." with a number. What is the significance of these numbers?

    Also, there are roses from all over the world in this garden. What is the rarest or most prized rose in the garden?

    Lastly, what are the green houses used for? They have been empty when I have been to the rose garden. Are they used for storing some plants in the colder weather?

    Wisteria Plant:
    I have been researching the Wisteria plant for my final paper as well and I was wondering how long Wisteria has been in Florence?

    Also, I've learned that it spreads easily and grows rapidly. Do the locals like this plant or do they find it annoying that it spreads so much?

    Lastly, I read there are two types of Wisteria: W. Sinesis and W. Floribunda. Which one is in Florence? And did they come from seedlings or cuttings?

    Thank you so much!

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    Your project sounds interesting but I am not able to answer your questions --- I think you need an expert botanist!!! especially for info on the wisteria types and roses.

    How about contacting the Botanical garden to see if you talk to an expert? here's some contact info: http://www.ortobotanicoitalia.it/toscana/unifirenze/

    As for the Rose Garden, I think you need to go back and find someone who works there --- or go on this guided visit next weekend with rose experts!! https://www.associazionemarginalia.o...isita-guidata/

    Let us know what you find out.
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