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    I am visiting Tuscany between July 20 and August 4 this year. One of things I wanted to do during my visit was to see a football match, but my research tells me that Serie A is not in season during that time. (I imagine most leagues, if not all, are off during the summer due to the heat.)

    Is there any opportunity to see football during my visit -- a friendly, and exhibition match, etc.?

    Thank you very much,

    Jeff Parenti
    Billerica, MA, USA

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    Default Re: Summer Footbal

    Hi Jeff, as you already found out, Serie A is not in season during the summer and the most important football team in Tuscany, Florence's "Fiorentina", will be at their training camp during that time.

    Actually, we don't know if there will be any friendly matches throughout July and August. At this moment, I can't find any information about it, I think it's too early!

    I'd recommend you to ask the staff at your hotel or other accommodation in Tuscany, they might be able to tell you of more local matches if they're happening nearby.

    I hope you will enjoy your vacation in this lovely country!


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    Thank you. It is amazing that Serie A only takes about 2 months off, while the American football league (the NFL) plays just 16 games over 17 weeks, plus a month each for single-elimination playoffs and exhibitions.

    With Europe's thirst for football (and lack of competing sports -- the NFL bows to baseball in the summer), I was thinking the sport would give its fans some matches to watch while Serie A is off. And that the arenas (we are staying near Siena) would not go unused on the weekends. Then again, maybe the clubs use that time to make repairs and improvements to the stadiums.

    I can always come back again sometime during the season!


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    Default summer games are not official matches so there isn't much publicity about it

    The Serie A does take about 2 months off during the summer, when there are some friendly matches and then training starts back up again before the start of the season. Right now, it is player exchange/buy/sell season

    The big stadiums and official team arenas do tend to stay unused in this time, but there are many other smaller ones that are used by local teams and residents just playing in the evenings and weekends for fun.

    But as for the friendly matches between the bigger teams, they often are not announced too much ahead of time since they are not official.... I'd just go with asking either at your hotel or at a local cafe bar once you're in town and asking the locals. You'll find lots of fans around that will be happy to indicate and point out any games that might be taking place in the area while you are here!

    Hope you have a great time in Tuscany! And if you do end up going to a game, do let us know how you found out about it and how it turns out
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