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Thread: Need advice on booking tours

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    Default Need advice on booking tours

    I'm going to Florence for a week in a few weeks time and would like to visit other places in Tuscany on day trips - Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca. I've seen several companies offering tours online that you can book before going and they say they are cheaper if you book beforehand. I don't really want to do this - want to wait til we get to Florence before deciding what days we want to go, depend on the weather, how we feel and so on. Are there plenty of places to book tours in Florence itself and are these expensive or about the same price as ones offered on the internet?

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    Default Some advices on booking tours

    Hi Cymraes and welcome to our forum!

    I think you can find many organized tours as online as in Florence. Is a bit hard for me to say if, once in Florence, you can book them directly AND save money.

    I would suggest you to consider your priority : to find a nice tour at the cheaper price or flexibility on the dates?

    Online you'll certainly can compare more options (different itineraries and their prices) offered by various agencies and plan the trip before your arrival, without any waste of time.

    If you prefer instead to decide day by day the destinations, certainly you can wait and book a tour at a florentine travel agency (however keep in mind that not all tours may be organized every day).

    Unfortunately I have no particular suggestions regarding offline travel agecies, but regarding the online ones, you may have a look at these nice organized tours:
    Chianti and San Gimignano Tour http://www.florence-tickets.com/chianti-san-gimignano-tour-tuscany.html and
    Pisa & Lucca Tour http://www.florence-tickets.com/pisa-lucca-tour-tuscany.html

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    Default Re: Need advice on booking tours

    Ya its a good idea you can book your Florence tour online. In online booking you will find lots of discount packages also.

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