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Thread: 4/5 days in Tuscany without Florence

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    Default 4/5 days in Tuscany without Florence

    My son is getting married in Sienna in May. we intend to fly in and out of Pisa and 5 days to see Tuscany before we go to Sienna. we have been to Florence a couple of time before so we have no need to go there again. we intend to hire a car. any suggestions on an itinerary?
    Chris Melbourne Australia

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    Default Visit Pisa and then move towards Siena...

    Ciao Chris and welcome to our forum!

    Did you see Pisa on your last trip? Since you arrive there, I'd definitely spend at least that first day there after you arrive, maybe even spending your first night there.
    Do you also have accommodation in Siena for the days/nights around the wedding day? Just trying to figure out whether you want to work your way down to Siena or would prefer staying in one place the whole time so that you need to stay in a central location for both day trips as well as for the wedding.

    A general itinerary could look like this for the first option:
    - day 1 - arrive in Pisa, view Pisa, spend night here.
    - day 2 - head to Lucca, spend half a day there, then head towards San Miniato. Spend the night in that area - take a look at http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/villa-dianella.html
    - day 3 - visit the countryside around San Miniato/Vinci, head down towards Certaldo/San Gimignano.
    - day 4 - visit San Gimignano, Chianti area - Castellina, Monteriggioni
    - day 5 - Siena

    By driving in the back roads between Pisa and Siena, you'll get to see the lovely Tuscan countryside and great landscapes.

    Another option is to arrive in Pisa and then head to the Chianti area (still seeing Pisa the first day) - then from here do day trips around the region. Take a look at a map - if you stay in Chianti for more days - http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/...accommodation/ - you see everything is pretty close by. All the small towns have their historic roots with castles, churches and are a pleasure to stop by to visit as well as great places for meals.

    Ok let me know what you think... wasn't really sure what to suggest in terms of particular accommodation until I know better whether you're already staying in Siena and would like to work your way down or to go straight to a place and then move around.
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