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Thread: which is best place to visit ?

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    Default which is best place to visit ?

    Which is best place to visit Tuscany and which season is best to visit ?? I would appreciate any recommendation from you.

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    Default Re: which is best place to visit ?

    Tuscany is really packed around May-September, that is the tourist season. Best place to visit in Tuscany is Florence, is a beautiful city full of history, architecture, art and food you can go there.

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    Default Florence is a must, then definitely Siena

    Ciao langtangtreks and welcome to the forum!

    If this is the first time you visit Tuscany, then I would recommend staying in Florence for sure and if you have enough time, do day trips from Florence to the countryside and other towns in Tuscany, including Pisa and Siena.

    The best time to come as far as weather is from April through June and from September to October/November. July and August are peak season and there are more crowds but if you can't come at any other period, those are fine too just be prepared also for some heat ;-).

    If you have any other questions, let us know!
    Where to stay in Tuscany? Read this if you will have a car and this if you won't!
    When is the best time to visit? Make sure to read this!

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    Default Re: which is best place to visit ?

    Siena is a lovely town that has managed to retain its medieval look and feel.

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    Default Re: which is best place to visit ?

    Tuscany is such a wonderful place for the visit. In my point of view the best place in Tuscany for visit are Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano and Lucca.

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