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Thread: How much can we see in one week?

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    Default How much can we see in one week?

    My sister and brother-in-law join my husband and I in Florence on a Saturday morning and we all leave from Rome the following Saturday. My husband and I will arrive in Florence on the Tuesday night and then they arrive on Saturday morning. Is it possible to see Sienna and Venice on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday then arrive in Rome on Tuesday night?

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    Default several places to visit in a week

    Ciao Karen,

    I saw both your posts and am trying to figure out what you're trying to see and do.... let's see if I got it correct.

    You and your husband arrive on Tuesday morning in Florence, right after Easter.

    So you'll have Tuesday through Saturday on your own, before your sister and brother in law arrive as well. They'll surely want to see Florence on Saturday (but by then you might not), then together go see Siena, Chianti and Venice between Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday night you plan to be in Rome. Is this all correct?

    Let's try to put all your questions together to offer some suggestions... you can do and see a lot in a week, so you have a lot of choices!

    - Between Tuesday and Saturday stay in Florence and use that as your base.
    - Dedicate at least 2 full days to Florence, one of them can be Saturday with your sister and BIL.
    - On the other days, head to Pisa one day (take the train, just 1 hr ride).
    - Another day go to Lucca (also train, about 1.5 hr)
    - On another day, go to San Gimignano by bus - read how to get there here.

    You're arriving right after Easter so it isn't high season, but I would still recommend you decide more or less what you want to do each day and book ahead of time, particularly accommodation.

    As for Chianti, it is hard to see it by train or bus so either a tour or car with driver are the best options. I wouldn't try to do Chianti and Siena on the same day, unless you only want to drive through. You could do a private tour with wine tastings in Chianti, check out the ones offered here: http://www.partner.viator.com/en/835...in-Tuscany/ttd or if you want to do Siena and Chianti on the same day, there is this long day tour which sounds tiring but at the same time a pretty good way of seeing lots in one day, maybe with your sister and BIL: http://www.partner.viator.com/en/835...19-5070TUSCANY

    Head to Venice on Monday, spend the night there, then on Tuesday head directly to Rome.

    You can check train schedules for the regional trains here: www.trenitalia.com
    while for the trains to Venice and Rome you can use Trenitalia or the new service offered by Italo (since they are new, they have good fares right now, check them out and compare).
    Italo timetables: http://www.italotreno.it/EN/timetabl.../overview.aspx

    Hope I've answered your questions and given you good ideas, if I forgot anything, let me know!
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