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Thread: Drive or not from Nice to Tuscany

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    Default Drive or not from Nice to Tuscany

    PLEASE HELP.. 2 of us will arrive NICE , France from Prague on 11 Aug, and we will fly from Venice to Edinburg on 16 Aug. We would like to stay most of the days in Tuscany. We have been searching many ways and cost from Nice to Tuscany but answers are vary. Do you know the total cost, including car rental, toll fee, insurance from driving from NICE to Tuscany? should we return the car on the same day or keep the car and travel around Tuscany? Which car rental is good?
    If cost is expensive, i think it's the best way to fly to Rome from Prague and get train to Florence, but we will miss the cost... any advise? Thanks a million..... viv

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    Default drive from Rome might be cheaper

    Ciao waiviv,

    I assume you haven't booked your airfare yet since you say flying from Prague to Rome is still a possibility.....
    If you're evaluating both possibilities on cost of flight + car rental, then definitely consider them both.... BUT, in my personal opinion, I think renting a car out of Nice in France will definitely mean additional rental charges for returning in a different country?? Something to really consider!
    The search feature you can find on this page let's you see car rentals out of Nice too.... but once you try to change the return location, it doesn't find anything... I think it has to do with the different countries.

    If you want to stay in the countryside in Tuscany, you will need a car to move around so you'll want to keep the rental the entire time.... so factor that in.

    So Nice --> Tuscany is about a 4 hour drive
    while Rome --> Tuscany (let's say Florence) is about 3 hour drive... but this also offers another opportunity: taking the train. Time is 1hr 40min-2.5hr
    Check these both out for costs and timetables: http://www.trenitalia.com/ and http://www.italotreno.it/en/ - fares go from 20 euro to 70 euros depending on train and class.
    But if you're 2 people and planning to have the car for 5 days, definitely see if renting in Rome isn't just cheaper than train travel for that first day.

    Also don't underestimate the cost of toll roads - based on distance traveled. Nice is over 100km more (considering Florence as destination).

    So at the moment, not knowing cost for airfare, I'd still say driving from Rome might be the cheaper solution!
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