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    Smile Rome to Florence....

    I am flying on to Rome Friday July 24th. I am wondering which train line I should use Rail Europe or Inter rail to get to Florence and should I book it now or when I arrive? Also any suggestion of things to do in and around Siena, And getting from Florence to Viagliani, Siena (Villa Dievole) on July 26-2009 and then leaving Siena to Rome july 31st. I checked on trains but I am confused on which route would be best (nicest-fastest)

    Thanx so much

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    Hi Heather,

    You can find many information about trains in Italy in the official site for Trenitalia, Italy's train operator. Did you already buy a pass for traveling in Europe or Italy by train? In this case, I suppose you have some restrictions which you should already know of.
    If you don't have a special pass, you can travel very easily by train throughout Italy. From Rome to Florence, the fastest trains (more expensive of course) are called Eurostar trains. These trains generally need a reservation but you can still buy tickets up to a few minutes before departure if there is space available. You can also buy tickets online through Trenitalia's website.

    There are no direct trains between Rome and Siena, however. You'll have to change trains at least once.

    From Florence, you can reach Siena either by train (change in Empoli) or by bus. The SITA bus company offers direct connections, you can view the timetable here http://www.sitabus.it/sita-toscana/F...0-%20Siena.pdf. You can buy the tickets at the bus departure area located in Via S. Caterina da Siena next to the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence.

    Vagliagli is about 15 km from Siena. I found that the bus 34/A connects Siena to Vagliagli but looking at the timetable http://www.trainspa.it/URBANO_SIENA/034A.pdf it seems that there are no buses to Vagliagli on Sunday. I suggest you contact the Villa directly for information, see whether they might offer some suggestions or organize your transfer from Siena to their accommodation.

    I hope my suggestions will help!

    Have a nice trip to Italy, I'm sure you' ll have a lot of fun!

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