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Thread: Live and work in Tuscany for 2 months

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    Default Live and work in Tuscany for 2 months

    Hello. I am from Slovenia. My boyfriend and I are planing to stay in Florence for 2 monts, because of his Buisseness matters, and I wonder if any of you knows for such as a quick job, or something that recuires a bit of work in farm or in garden? Maybe any of you have the information for any work to do there?

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    Default when are you coming to Florence?

    Ciao Nezua,

    It is a bit difficult to offer suggestions but if you are looking into a seasonal sort of job, it would be useful to know the period when you are planning to come. You'd like to do gardening or harvest grapes, olives, chestnuts?
    Depending on the time you come, you might be able to find something temporary for these types of jobs but it is likely you'll only find them once you are here. Give us an idea of when you're coming and at least we might be able to suggest what to look into when you arrive.

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