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Thread: How do we travel the Chiantigiana Road by Bus?

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    Default How do we travel the Chiantigiana Road by Bus?

    We are interested in going from Florence to Siena by bus on the Chiantigiana Road. I need help locating that bus line.
    Can we get on and off of a bus in any towns going between Florence and Siena as part of a day trip? We thought we would get on the bus in Florence ride to Greve or Panzano and then continue on to Siena. Is that possible? Are there multiple buses throughout the day or would it be better to day trip to one of those towns and back to Florence?
    How far south on the road do you need to go to get a flavor of the country side and the towns.
    We interested in Siena but have limited time.
    Are there any winery tours near any of the towns where we could get off of a bus.

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    The bus runs a couple of times an hour every day. You can pick up your ticket at the bus station or online too. I have some information a bus company of Florence to Siena they are best for your travel. They called sitabus and you can contact them online at there webpage. sitabus.it/en/.

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    Actually the information John Adams has been posting on the forum is so generic and incorrect that it makes me think he knows nothing of Tuscany and is just posting info he randomly finds on the Internet. If he keeps posting incorrect info, I will start moderating or deleting it.

    Now on to your questions......
    I wish there was an easy way to do the Chianti region by bus!!
    The Chiantigiana road goes from Florence all the way down to Siena, crossing from the province of Florence to that of Siena. For some reason I can't fathom, the two bus systems from the two provinces don't go all the way to the other. So you cannot do the Chiantigiana road on one bus all of the way, you will need to change buses.... and that itself isn't easy because the times of the buses don't match well. So you really won't be getting on or off the buses to sightsee but to continue on your way (the time in between will be perfect for sightseeing nonetheless! ).

    From Florence, you can take bus 365 down to Panzano (but not all buses go all the way to Panzano, many stop in Greve). A few make it to Radda or Castellina. Take a look at the schedule here: http://www.acvbus.it/orari/365.pdf

    Radda and Castellina are already in the province of Siena so there are buses to Siena from there. You can see the full set of timetables here: http://www.trainspa.it/train04/extraurbano.pdf but also use this website to do searches: http://www.busfox.com/timetable/

    As for wine tasting along the way, the easiest ones are right before Greve: read this forum post for more details.

    My best suggestion for the trip would be to head down into Chianti, with the idea of sleeping out that night along the way and continuing on the next day to Siena.... or doing a day trip out to Greve and return to Florence, with a direct bus from Florence to Siena on the following. Siena is a must see if you've never been!
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    Default Good Info on Bus Route to Siena and Tuscany

    Great information, Lourdes. I have enjoyed reading your posts as we prepare for our trip and found all of them to be insightful and helpful and loaded with specific details that we can use. Thanks.

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