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Thread: Italy in five weeks

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    Default Italy in five weeks

    We're traveling in the fall mid-September to mid-October. Rome for a week, then Florence and Northern Tuscany for nine days. We have accommodations, but we're looking for "must see/do/eat/drink" ideas. Thanks, Scotty

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    Ciao Scotti,

    If this is the first time you're in Tuscany, you'll have to hit all of the must-sees, from Florence to Siena to Pisa. What area are your lodgings in, in the Mugello valley? It will be very easy to move around for day trips as well as just staying in and relaxing and enjoying the local area. If you let me know where you are, I can offer more ideas for local places to discover, such as Scarperia in the Mugello but also the Bosco ai Frati convent or Montesenario, just as an example.
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