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    I'm thinking of coming the 2nd of Nov for a week and I'm wondering how cold it is. What is the dress. It is the first time my mom is going to Europe and I want her to enjoy it without freezing. Is October significantly warmer?

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    These are the average temps throughout Tuscany so you can get an idea. Whether they are considered cold or not I've found really depends on where you're from... I'm from California so November generally is cold for me, being used to short sleeves in December Others from NY or the East Coast don't generally yet feel it is cold at all.

    Seriously, November is not known for its freezing weather, even if it is generally colder than October. The colder months are actually January and February in general.

    I've learned to dress in layers and wear a scarf and hat for those days that are a bit colder starting in late October/early November. If she brings a sweater, a jacket or light coat and long sleeve shirts, she will be covered for most possibilities. She should definitely also look at the forecast the week before she leaves so that she knows for sure how things are going - we've gotten some really nice, sunny days in November that still merit a light jacket to be perfectly comfortable.

    Choose whatever makes sense for your schedules - October does tend to be nicer but the nicer temps are at the start of the month, the end is similar to November.
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