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    hello all!

    my husband and i are planning a first trip to italy for late april / early may 2015 and we couldn't be more excited. we are both of the same mind that we would like to start with the hustle and bustle and leave on a more relaxed note...

    we plan to fly into rome where we will stay two nights. from rome we will take a train to florence and stay another two nights. from florence we will rent a car and drive to the tuscan hillside where we will stay our final four nights.

    being our first trip, i'd like to ask about logistics and what makes sense / doesn't make sense. where is the best place to rent a car in / around florence? does it make sense to return the rental car to florence and take the train back to rome (to leave)? or should we leave from florence (we live in atlanta, georgia)?

    cheers + thanks.

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    Dear Karly, your upcoming vacation is very exciting!

    Your trip seems to be well organized: have a look at the Italian train official website (click on the English flag on right hand of top of page for the English version) for more information about trains to and from Rome-Florence. I think however you could fly back home from Florence without going back to Rome by train or car: you'll save your round trip money (just check you much will be the flight ticket from Florence!).

    For renting a car in Florence, have a look at this page: you may rent a car at the airport in Florence or in the city center, it's up to you (maybe, if you arrive from Rome by train in Santa Maria Novella or Campo di Marte station, you'll be better off choosing a city center rental office, where you'll easily get by bus or by foot!).

    Have a nice trip!!

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