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Thread: Christmas in Chianti

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    Default Christmas in Chianti

    We've been lent a house near Castellina in Chianti for Christmas. Will restaurants and wineries be open at that time?

    Thank you for any info.

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    Dear Marni,
    Yes, restaurants an wineries will be open during Christmas time in Castellina in Chianti and all the other locations of the Chianti area. You may reserve your Christmas lunch or dinner (better reserving your Christmas meal in advance, there will be lots of people that day) or decide to enjoy the local delicacies on a different day, when restaurants will be maybe less crowded.

    Greve and Strada in Chianti will be home to typical local Christmas Markets on the 8th and 14th of December the former, and on the 13th and 20th the latter. If you are round here, I suggest you take a look at these traditional events with music, handicraft products and obviously Santa Claus!

    Enjoy your Tuscan time!


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    Default Presepio or the Italian Nativity Scene

    In addition to all kinds of delicious foods at Christmas time, remember to check out the local churches which take great pride in putting together a Presepio. These nativity scenes are normally recreation of small towns with wonderful detail about the local artisans and scenery. The manger --- or in many cases a grotta (cave) are the focal point with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, but they will go to great pains to create an entire and elaborate setting around this trio that is well worth the visit. Some even have moving pieces, music and a lighting system to imitate night and day.

    Buon Viaggio.

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