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Thread: 2 weeks in Italy - what to see?

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    Default 2 weeks in Italy - what to see?

    Hello -

    My husband and I are traveling to Italy in May for 2 weeks. The second week is already somewhat planned in that we are meeting up with his parents ( who will be in Bologna and then Venice).

    So we are wondering what to do with the week leading up to it. We'd of course like to see everything, but also don't want to rush around too much that we don't enjoy it.

    Few things we are interested in and maybe someone can help us piece it together.
    -He would like to see Pompei and Naples- are either worth it?
    -We'd like to spend some time in Rome - how many days do you recommend we need?
    -I'm interested in walking along Cinque Terre or the Almafi Coast? Which is better? or are they worth the deviation?
    - I'd like to see some of Tuscany (Sienna and maybe some smaller villages)- but not sure how to fit it in/ if we can fit it in?

    What do you guys think? What's the best way to structure the 8 days and end up in Bologna


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    Default Travel through Italy


    Where are you flying into?

    Pompeii is a classic, and truly is worth the visit. It may be a tourist attraction but it is still an incredible thing to see. Naples is as well, however I would suggest that you spend your time in Rome - maybe 3 days in Rome, and one of which is a tour to Pompeii, check out this link below:


    Then you can do three days in Florence/Tuscany/Cinque Terre. Spend one day in the city center of Florence, then you can easily take a train to Cinque Terre from Florence and instead of renting a car to visit the Chianti area and Siena you can take a day tour into Tuscany, the link below has several nice options:


    Buon Viaggio

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