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Thread: 7 nights in Tuscany

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    Default 7 nights in Tuscany

    Dear Tuscany experts,

    I will be visiting Tuscany next week with my girlfriend for 7 nights and I would like some opinions on my Itinerary... such as what to replace, what to remove or if it is good and possible

    We will arrive in Pisa on the 17th in the Evening and we go to Florence straight away.

    We will spend the first 2 nights in Florence, then on the 19th we pick up the rental car in the late afternoon and go to Monteriggioni for 4 nights.

    We then plan to visit various places by car.

    20th - we go to Greve in Chianti, stop by a winery for some tasting. Then we go to Panzano, Castellina and maybe Radda and Giaole. Afterwards we will go to San Gimignano.

    is it too much for a day? would you remove anything?

    21st - We go to Siena then back to Monterrigioni

    22nd - Val D'Orchia to visit Montepulciano, Pienza, San Quirico Dorcia and Montalcino. Stop somewhere for wine tasting

    23rd - Drive to Volterra, Luca and then to Pisa

    on the 24th we go around Pisa in the morning and then off back home in the afternoon.

    Apart from the above I was thinking about Cortona and maybe Arezzo. Any suggestions on how I can add any of the two to the above or I should leave them out... or maybe replace with something in particular?

    Thanks all for your feedback.


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    Default Tuscany day trips


    Your days are going to be jammed packed!

    I would suggest that you make if you leave Florence around 2-ish that you go over to San Gimignano enjoy happy hour in the main square and then arrive at Monteriggioni for a late dinner. So that your day in Chianti can be a bit more relaxing. One of my favorite vineyards to visit is actually near Gaiole


    As much as I would encourage you to visit both Arezzo and Cortona - Your schedule is pretty packed as is, so I am not sure how you would fit them in. Even though the days are getting longer, they still only have 24 hours.

    It is possible to do Pisa, Lucca and Volterra in one day - however that's over 4 hours in the car in one day. Maybe you could do three nights in Monteriggioni and spend your last night up near Pisa in a hotel so you don't have to drive back and forth...

    Buon Viaggio

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    Ciao Phillip,

    I do think you're trying to pack too much in on some days, particularly the 20th and 24th. Here's what I suggest.

    20th - explore Chianti, heading to Castellina, Radda and Panzano - then either Greve or Gaiole. You won't have much more time to fit S.G. in, especially if you want to do tastings along the way.

    21st - you can do dinner in Colle Val d'Elsa, not too distant, for a change from Monteriggioni.

    24th - Volterra and San Gimignano

    25th - Lucca for a couple of hours, heading to Pisa before lunch.... what time in the afternoon is your flight? otherwise skip Lucca and enjoy roaming around Pisa all morning!

    I don't know where Arezzo or Cortona would fit in, you need another day as it is in another area. Try to do less, enjoy it more ;-) Tuscany needs to be savored, both the views as well as the meals and the wine!
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    Dear DonnaDenise and Lourdes,

    Thanks for your input.

    I will definitely listen to both of you and remove San Gimignano on the 20th - I will spend the whole day in Chianti.

    Any wine tasting places you suggest?

    Is it nice to do San Gimignano in the evening? I can go there for dinner and go around for a while.

    I heard that Cortona is very nice - should I remove something from my itinerary and replace it with Cortona?

    Thanks again,

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    Default vineyards

    Ciao -

    so I just mentioned this place to someone else who is travelling between Florence and Siena:

    It is located outside of Giaole in Chianti - so it is a mid point between Florence & Siena and not only is the environment beautiful but they are generous with their tastings. I always take my family and friends here because it is warm and welcoming and I feel like it is a lovely representation of Tuscany. http://roccadicastagnoli.com/sito/fr...hop_design.php

    San Gimignano is beautiful at night (and during the day it is truly a win/win situation!)

    However it would be especially romantic at night - you could stay the night there. I stayed at the hotel Leone Bianco and it was lovely (especially the hot tub!)

    or you could check out: Villa Alba a B&B within walking distance of San Gimignano.

    Have fun.

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