I'm coordinating a university group trip to Italy in May. There are 14 members in the group. They will be in Florence for five days with the first three scheduled for museum visits. The Firenze card would be cost effective. My question is in regard to the group dynamic. Would the group be split up in every museum if they were using the Firenze card? The Firenze card website states "The access in some museums can be conditioned by the amount of people at the time. So for groups larger then 10 people, in cases of large crowds, it might be necessary to divide the group." Does anyone have any experience using the Firenze card with a group of more than 10 people? My original plan was just to reserve tickets to the Uffizi and Academia for the group and get tickets as they go for the rest of the museums. The Firenze card would save us time and money but I'm not sure if it is worth it if they will be split up in every museum. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!