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Thread: Visiting in January - did I make a mistake?

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    Default Visiting in January - did I make a mistake?

    I just booked a trip for my husband and I for January. Thursday to Thursday. I read it was a good time as it wasn't nearly as busy, but as I am reading more; I am getting concerned that things are going to be closed either for the season or early in the day leaving us with what to do? Should I be concerned with my choice? Will this time of year still be enjoyable? I am not concerned with the weather, we are from the Midwest, so cold is not new to us. It is our first visit and want to make the most of it.

    Any advice from anyone who has visited in winter months is appreciated! Also, we are driving from Milan to Montecatini, anything we should be aware of for this time of year?

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    Default Tuscany in January


    I live in Tuscany year long and I can assure you there is always something to do. The museums are always open, the cities are calm and people watching the locals is always pleasant. If you make your plans in advance then you will find vineyards open for wine tasting, restaurants are always open for the locals - so I suggest your choices will be even more authentic and the landscape is beautiful no matter what the season.

    If anything, just be sure to take your time on the drive down to Montecatini. The major highways are kept in excellent condition - however if you wanted you could consider training it into Florence and picking up a car there so that you can avoid any possible bad weather and roads being closed. They will close the roads in case of snow and there is one mountain pass right before Florence (Barbinrino di Mugello) that always has slow downs and possible roads closed with the weather.

    Buon Viaggio

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