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Thread: Travelling with a 4 month old

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    Hi, We are planning to have a city break with our baby who will be 4 months old in October, we would like to explore the city, enjoy the food and watch the world go by. Where would be a good place to stay given we will be enjoying pushing a pram.

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    As long as you stay anywhere central in Florence, such as the area between the river and Duomo (north-south) and the squares Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella (east-west boundaries), you will be right in the heart of the city so that walks will be short. Unfortunately, many streets in Florence are still old-style cobblestone which doesn't make pushing a pram (or anything with wheels) particularly enjoyable but many of the main ones have been more recently redone with flatter surface pavement that is easier to travel over. So stay on major streets and in this central area and you should be fine!
    Most of what comes out on this map is in the area I am speaking about:

    Hope everything is going well in your pregnancy!
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