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Thread: Itinerary advice pls

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    Default Itinerary advice pls

    Planning on some time in the Tuscany region in early October this year.

    I have 6 days in total, which currently includes a half day train travel in from Rome on the first day and another half day DRIVE back to Rome on the last day. I'll be picking up a car rental when leaving Florence.

    In between, I'm trying to decide how much time to spend IN Florence vs in the country.

    Options are basically 1.5 days in Florence + 1 day travel + 3 full days in the country OR 2.5 days in Florence + 1 day travel + 2 full days in the country.

    My main things in Florence I want to do are see the David (it's basically the only museum I'll go into), walk around and take photos of the scenery/buildings, a half day wine/food Florence tour and some shopping.

    In the country I'm planning on staying in Chianti and want to explore + do winery tours etc.

    Any advice? I know October is far away but just trying to decide so I can book my car rental as I cannot drive manual so automatic cars are not as plentiful.

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    If you really think that the only museum you want to see is the one where David is exhibited, I would offer that a day and a half in Florence will be ample time to walk around and explore. You could do your first half day when you arrive and then a full day immediately afterwards.

    Leave the next day for the countryside...and if you decide you really need two days - then you can leave later on the next day. Keep yourself flexible so that you don't miss out on some new discovery. Besides if you stay in the Chianti area then you are only a short drive for eventually returning to the city center to enjoy another day of Florentine cobbled stone vias and shops.

    If you are planning on having a car in Chianti then here are two of my favorite vineyards to check out -

    It is located outside of Giaole in Chianti - so it is a mid point between Florence & Siena and not only is the environment beautiful but they are generous with their tastings. I always take my family and friends here because it is warm and welcoming and I feel like it is a lovely representation of Tuscany.

    This one is interesting because the wine is also easily found abroad so you can even buy it when you get back home. Located between Florence and Greve, Ruffino is a beautiful villa and lovely panoramic views.

    Boun Viaggio

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