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Thread: Wine/Liquor stores in FLR

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    Default Wine/Liquor stores in FLR

    What are the hours of operation for Florence wine and liquor stores? We will be arriving at SMN, and before hopping in a taxi to take us out of town, I'm hoping to hit a wine store by the SMN to take along. Thank you.

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    Default Hopping a Taxi

    Buongiorno -

    you will find several small mini-marts around the train station where you can pick up a bottle of wine . . . with a bit more time you could venture into town and buy something like at the San Lorenzo market

    Where will you will hopping off to with the taxi? and what day/time will you be arriving?

    I ask because most times the taxi drivers will not let you drink in the car (they are worried about keeping it clean) so they normally won't let you open a bottle...however, if you want to get a bottle because you want to be sure to have one when you arrive at the final destination - you can ask the hotel or B&B or rental apartment to have a selection for you when you arrive. Just one less thing to worry about while getting to your final destination.

    Buon Viaggio!

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