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Thread: Comments about my plans in Italy

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    Default Comments about my plans in Italy

    Hello everyone,

    Its so nice to stumble into an informational site like this. I would like to seek some help for a trip in December. I need to get my hotel bookings up by this week.

    Could you let me know your thoughts please ? This is my first trip to Italy, and I'm having particular difficulty planning for Tuscany. I can't imagine the size of towns, parking issues, etc. I plan to use Siena as base to explore the region, but I'm not sure if I should stay in a smaller town since I plan to drive. But in a smaller town in December, would I have trouble finding food and feel lonely ?

    As you can see I also plan to do some day trips out of Florence.
    If I can visit a thermal hot spring, it will be very nice.

    Any accommodation/town/experience recommendations will be very helpful.

    SO here it is ! (Brackets) mean the place I would stay for the night.

    1st Dec (Milan)- Arrive 1pm. Check-In by 3pm. Milan Sights,

    2nd Dec (Milan) - Milan Sights, Last Supper, Xmas Market

    3rd Dec (Venice) - Milan Sights, 3pm train to Venice are. 5:40pm

    4th Dec (Venice) - Venice Day

    5th Dec (Venice) - Venice Day

    6th Dec (Florence) - Train from Venice to Florence (7:25-9:30am). Enjoy Florence.

    7th Dec (Florence) - Train to Modena. Ferrari Museum Day. (Or take a Tour Ferrari Museum/Balsamic Vinegar/Parmagiano Cheese)

    8th Dec (Florence) - Enjoy Florence Day

    9th Dec (Florence) - Enjoy Florence or Bologna or Pisa/Lucca

    10th Dec (Siena or ?) - Pick up Car at Avis. Go to the Space Outlet Store and The Mall at Montevarchi.

    11th Dec (Siena or ?) - (have car) Enjoy Siena, and 1 more town (San Gigminano ?).

    12th Dec (Siena or ?) - (have car) Enjoy Val D'Orcia

    13th Dec (Rome) - (have car) San Gigminano in the morning, return car at florence 2pm. Train to Rome.

    14th Dec (Rome) - Full Day Rome

    15th Dec (Rome) - Full Day Rome

    16th Dec (Rome) - Full Day Rome

    17th Dec (home) - Fly out of Rome at 3.45pm

    Thank you in advance !

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    Default Comments on Itin


    Looks like you have done a lot of research and it all looks very do-able in a (semi) relaxing way.

    My first suggestion would be instead of the last night in Venice, catch a train to Florence and spend the night there so you wake up in Florence. Venice can be expensive and a day and a half will give you lots of time to see the sights - leaving the evening before will probably save you money on a hotel. AND it doesn't require a horrible wake-up call at 5 in the morning ;-)!! This is a solution I recommend to family and friends when travelling.

    When you go to Siena - plan on the entire day there. There is so much to see and enjoy ... if anything program a scenic drive going there. You can also save a bit on a car rental if you want and take a bus (there is also a bus that will take you to the MALL for outlet shopping).

    The money you save not renting a car (gas, parking, etc.) could be used in taking a private tour of San Gimignano and area...that way you can enjoy the wine and the food and NOT stress about the roads. Have a look at some of these tours - there is a wide selection from large groups to one on one.

    Buon Viaggio!!

    Donna Denise

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    Thank You Donna. This is most helpful.
    If I may request bit more,

    1) Arriving in winter at night in Florence, will I face any trouble getting transport and finding my way to the hotel ?

    2) I am pretty much set on renting a car when I'm out of florence because I want to wander around aimlessly in the tuscan countryside. Do you recommend if I should stay in Siena or in one of the villas in the country ? I like the Villas for being tranquil and no problems with parking. However, I'm afraid its so quiet I will have trouble getting food. I was thinking a hotel with a hot spring will be great ! Any recommendations?

    3) Most of the Tuscan cities sound very similar to me. How should the 3 days be well spent ? If there are 2 towns that are similar, then its better to go to one of them.

    4) should I give up a day trip to Bologna for Pisa/Lucca ? Pls bear in mind I will also be visiting Milan/Venice/Florence/Rome. I know this is a Tuscany forum so you might be just a bit bias ! =)

    Gracias !
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