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Thread: Touring Tuscany in December

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    Default Touring Tuscany in December

    My husband and I along with another couple will be in Tuscany Nov 29-Dec 4th. We would like to have a mixture of wine tasting/great food experiences, a few historical adventures, we would love to visit plazas where we can walk around the cities and see the sights on our own, spend part of a day at a spa/thermal waters...., if weather is not too cold, possible do a bike tour. All four of us are active so walking is a plus. We will be spending time in Naples and Sicily after Tuscany, and would love to have different experiences in each area.

    We are trying to figure out where the best central location would be to stay. We have considered Lucca, Siena and Florence....

    As for accommodations, we all agree we need comfy beds :-) and private bathrooms. We are considering private villas by owners or hotels....would love any feedback and recommendations.

    Would renting a car, hiring a car and driver or using all public transportation be best. We like the idea of seeing some of the more "off the beaten path, less touristy places" so not sure how best to find these and get to them.

    One last question....what is the weather generally like during end of November beginning of December...type of attire to pack (knowing that we will be in Naples and Sicily as well...)

    Thank you so much for any input!!

    Luke and Casey

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    Default Central Location


    My suggestion would be either to look at Florence or Siena for a "central" position. I would also suggest that you stay in the city centers because there will most probably be more activity in the evenings in the larger cities during that time period. Things are open in the small cities as well, but having Florence or Siena as a base will permit you to enjoy a happy hour (apricena) at sunset at a cozy cafe table. Be sure to ask about their parking situation wherever you consider staying - some will have free parking or if not, an arrangement with a local garage. Take a look for example at these rooms in front of Palazzo Pitti: http://www.florenceaccommodation.com...oscanelli.html

    It is more likely in this time of the year that you will find B&B open or hotels. Villas and apartments have a tendency to close in the colder months... sometimes just because the heating alone is a bit pricey.

    Having said that - dress warm!! Layers are suggested but sometimes you will find even museums and attractions are a bit chilly. Definitely bring gloves, a hat and a scarf (though all those things are fun to buy at the local markets ;-)!! )

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomammi View Post

    the Tuscan seaside is really beautiful.
    Is it so much beautiful that a single picture describe it? How about the houses and buildings there?

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