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Thread: Mosquitoes in Tuscany and Florence

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    Default Mosquitoes in Tuscany and Florence

    I am planning my first trip to Italy for the last half of October this year. I have seen some sites that mention problems with mosquitoes. Can anyone tell me what the mosquito situation is in Florence in late October? Thanks.

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    Default Moquitoes in Florence


    the sad truth is...these little guys hang around way too long! But that doesn't mean that you will see any in the city center - they prefer the residential areas and to be honest even if you can find them in October their metabolism has them on a no buzz/no eat mode - .

    So should you be prepared with bug spray - no. Now if you were going to be here in June-July-August and parts of September...yes, be prepared for a visit by these little guys. In that case, you can get a plug-in that has a no smell/stink system that will keep them at bay for your rental apartment or hotel room. I use it all summer and never have a problem. Outside - at night - yes, especially in the countryside, so be prepared with a spray or cream.

    But I take their presence as a good sign, it means life is flourishing

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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