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Thread: Where to stay and day trip suggestions with husband and 2 kids under 5

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    Default Where to stay and day trip suggestions with husband and 2 kids under 5

    Hi there, great forum!
    I am starting to plan a trip to Tuscany next April/May.
    We will have a then 5 year old and one year old. We will be staying for 3 weeks and am keen to hear of suggestions on towns we should stay in as a base. As we have kids we won't be out and about everyday so ideally would like to be somewhere that is very charming ( I know most of Tuscany must be!) but any advice would be appreciated.
    Also what would be good day trips in this context. I'm overwhelmed at the amount of places we can visit but can't make it to jam packed with 2 little ones. Thanks very much!

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    Default Where to Stay with Kids


    If you are looking to stay in one central place then you may want to look in the Montespertoli and Poggibonsi area. Price should be contained because it is not in the "heart of Chianti" (but the views and landscapes are just as stupendous), they are close to supermarkets, open air markets and main roads.

    If you were up to changing - then you might want to consider something in Casentino - very un-touristy yet lots for the kids and then move over towards the places I mentioned above.

    We are still adding to this section on the site (and if you said NEXT meaning 2017, I know we will have a lot more for you to look at) but the Tuscany with Kids should give you some ideas of the different activities available.

    Buon Viaggio
    Donna Denise

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