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Thread: Traveling from Castellina to Manarola (car vs train)

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    Default Traveling from Castellina to Manarola (car vs train)

    We will have a car while in Castellina before heading to Manarola on a Sunday. We do not want a car while in Manarola. What advice and suggestions for how to get to Manarola? I thought we could drop the car and take the train? What would be the best city to drop the car and get the train to Manarola? Dropping the car on Sunday, we may need to find a rental agency that will allow to drop since some companies may not be open for business.
    Or do you recommend driving and possibly dropping the car in La Spezia? Traveling with family of 4, kids are older (21 and 15) and have traveled by both car and rail before. Each of us will have 1 piece of luggage.
    I thank you and look forward to hearing your recommendations!

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    Default Dropping Car before Manarola


    You can leave the car in Pisa and then train it to Manarola, the airport is fairly busy and you should find that all car rentals have their offices open. Once you drop your car off here you will need to take a shuttle (train or bus) to the main train station - depending on the frequency of the shuttle it is a very short trip.

    Of course, if you can find one in La Spezie you will make things a bit easier for you...just quicker only one train change and time table to think about. Depending on the time you are traveling you may find that La Spezie has office open on Sunday - especially high season.

    Do check the trains for Sunday because they do not run as frequently as the weekdays...and in that area, if you miss one you might have to wait quite a bit for the next one.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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