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Thread: Visiting Florence with my disabled son -

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    Default Visiting Florence with my disabled son -

    Good Morning

    I am hoping for some advice on getting around the centre of Florence with my 13 year old son. At home in the UK we usually drive to most places and then use crutches for shorter distances, or I visit the area before to see if we can get the wheelchair up and down pavements/check for cobble roads/pavements etc.

    He can use crutches for short distances - around 200 metres max. He would love to visit the Cathedral and churches/restaurants/piazzas possibly a boat trip, anything else you could recommend. So, he would be fine on his crutches in and around the buildings, but I am not sure about moving around between the buildings/what the distances are around the centre of Florence, and what the pavements are like for a wheelchair user?

    Do you know if it is possible to hire an electric wheelchair/scooter somewhere in Florence centre? (This would be the best option for us I think!)

    Are there any taxi's available in the centre of Florence, as I know the centre is car free?!

    Also, I see there is a city centre bus tour/hop on/hop off. How can I find a plan of the tour route to see if it would be accessible to us?

    We are looking at some of the accommodation you have recommended Lourdes, on the Visit Florence website, and the city centre B&B's. He can manage one or two flights of stairs on crutches. But we would need a hotel which is both central, but not too far for the airport taxi to drop us off, as I am travelling on my own with my son and can't manage wheelchair and luggage for two over a long distance!

    I do hope you can help and that there is someway we can get around, we will be there for 3 or 4 days!

    Kindest regards


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    Default Wheelchair in Florence


    Taxis definitely run through the city center - so you will have no problem getting around if you decide to rely on them.

    Another interesting possibilities for travelling the city center is the Eco Green Tour on an electric golf cart. ( http://www.ecogreentours.eu/ ) A friend used this option with is elderly parents who weren’t good at long distances and he was very, very pleased.

    You can check out this link for the hop on hop off tours. https://www.partner.viator.com/en/83...r/d519-6980FLR

    The link below offers the names of two places that have wheelchairs - and they will even deliver to your hotel. The city of Florence also provides wheelchairs, that information is in the link below as well.

    This is the official website of one the names listed in the link above.
    http://www.ortopediadei.it/ - http://www.ortopediadei.it/contatti.php

    I couldn’t find a website for the other company...but you can try to call they might speak English.

    Buon Viaggio,
    Donna Denise

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