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Thread: How to tip in Tuscany?

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    Default How to tip in Tuscany?

    I've tried searching the forum but I didn't find anything. So I'll ask here and leave it to the mods to move the topic in case it's in the wrong section or a similar one does in fact exist.

    How do I tip in Tuscany? Not just how much, but how?

    I believe it's 10% in all European countries as opposed to 15%-30% over here. Is that true? And do I just hand over the money or should I leave it on the table if I'm in a restaurant?

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    Generally you tip for good service here, you are not obligated to leave anything although expectations have caught up and many will definitely appreciate it.
    There is not set minimum, so anywhere from 10-15% is fine, you can also round up...

    You generally just leave it on the table, after you get back any change from paying the bill. If you are paying with credit card, you cannot add in a tip as is common in the US. So keep coins you get back as change, to use for tips .
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    Default Tips


    I agree with Lourdes, the norm used to be that you only tip for really good service - however many tourist areas are a bit "spoiled" and actually expect a tip...from foreigners (not the Italians!)

    I wouldn't want to discourage you from leaving a tip in a restaurant but to help you understand: as opposed to the American system where waiters/busboys and servers need the tips to top off their otherwise low salary - those who work in a restaurant in Italy make a (minimum) wage and tips are really, really extras...therefore it should really be used to show your appreciation for good service.

    But even in that case, tips normally go in a pot and then are divided amoung everyone not just your waiter, so if you want to show appreciatiion to YOUR server...it doesn't always mean they get the full tip.

    However, a nice comment is always appreciated!!

    Buon Viaggio

    Donna Denise

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