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Thread: Football tour Sept 2018

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    Default Football tour Sept 2018

    We are a veterans football team. We tour abroad each year and are coming to Italy this year. We are planning on staying in Viareggio. I was hoping someone may have contacts in the area for a veterans team ( over 50) who may be interested in playing us. Thanks

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    Default Vetrans in Tuscany


    Am I correct in thinking that you mean American football? or are you referring to Soccer / football?

    If you are speaking of the American football, you may want to try and make contact with Camp Darby between Pisa an Livorno, they may be able to assist you more.

    If you are talking about the European idea of football, let me know and I will but you in contact with someone from the Florentine team which maybe able to offer assistance.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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