we are a family with 2 children 13 and 11. after spending 3 days in Rome from 24-27 may, we plan to be in Tuscany for 5 nights. I need help with a few decisions:
option 1: 2 nights in Florence and 3 in the countryside. we can take the train from Rome to Florence. and then rent a car and stay in a farm/vineyard for the rest of the 3 days, and take day trips around.
option 2: countryside for 5 nights and day trip to Florence. rent a car from Rome and drive to the agritourismo?

If option 2 is better, then we would like to stay in an agritourismo closer to Florence, can you suggest one?
if option 1, then which part of Tuscany should we make our base to explore places around? we would like a farm/aritourismo experience. preferably a location close to a village or town.

thanks in advance