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Thread: Firenze Card (FC) - Non EU three adults two children

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    Default Firenze Card (FC) - Non EU three adults two children


    I just purchased my FCs online today for three non EU adults as the price is increasing June 1 from 72E to 85E. I downloaded the app and after entering the voucher code for each, I received three separate "e" Firenze cards (eFC) that will activate once we visit our first museum.

    I have two questions:
    #1 - since I now have my FC via the app, do I need to bring my printed vouchers to receive actual physical cards or will the eFCs work?
    #2 - Can we still "skip the lines" with our two non EU minors (under 18)? I read that we could skip the line (via the FC/Reserved entrance and pay for their tickets or reservations once inside. I just want to be sure we will NOT have to stand in long lines to get our kids access to the museum otherwise I will buy them FCs too.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    Russ from Chicago 14/5/2018

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    Ciao Russ, welcome to our forum!

    Yep, price is increasing so you did well to get them ahead of the increase (June 1). To answer your questions quickly:

    1. No need, the app should be enough. I have to be honest and tell you I don't know if you should still stop at one of the ticket offices to pick up the other materials generally given out with the card: I remember a booklet with info on partners where you can get discounts but also the actual card is on a red necklace that makes it easy for you to identify yourself at lines and get priority access.

    2. No need either, with your cards your kids can go with you. The only two places where you need to pay quick "access" for them is at the Uffizi and Accademia, but you do that once you've skipped the main line outside. So you won't have to stay long in line, so there is no need to get separate cards for them.
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    Default Non EU three adults two children

    It is anything but an issue, I have done this multiple occassions. There is frequently a haul out couch which transforms into a bed. It may get somewhat swarmed. Nowadays it's significantly less demanding, in the event that you book online you can state what number of visitors and what age they are, and they will then offer both of you rooms or one major room.

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