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Thread: 1st visit to Italy - 4 nights in Tuscany - Navigation/Itinerary Help Please!

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    Default 1st visit to Italy - 4 nights in Tuscany - Navigation/Itinerary Help Please!

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.

    My girlfriend and I will be taking a 10 day vacation to Italy (Tuscany, Rome, Venice) 1st week of October and I'm mainly looking for itinerary ideas for the Tuscany portion of the trip.

    Based on my reading here, I think we'd enjoy spending 4 nights in Florence and doing several day trips. I'd like for us to experience Florence, the Chianti region, Siena, and possibly a town like Montepulciano (...So much to see, so little time).

    What is the most logical way of accomplishing this? Should we base ourselves in Florence and see the city's attractions on day 1. Then day 2, spend all day driving through the Chianti region. Day 3 drive out and see Siena's attractions. Day 4, drive down to Montepulciano?

    Should some of these be combined day-trips? Would we better off stationing in Siena for a portion of the stay, or in Montepulciano itself?

    Thanks again for all of your help and time.

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    Default Itinerary

    Hi there,

    I definitely recommend you to take a car and drive to the Chianti region and Val d'Orcia which is such a beautiful part of Tuscany. I would do Florence 2-3 days, go to San Gimignano, from there to Val d'Orcia and then Chianti.
    Maybe this link helps you to convince you to see Val d'Orcia ;-) https://www.suitcaseandwanderlust.co...es-in-tuscany/

    Have a great trip and enjoy the beauty of Tuscany.

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