This message might be a little long, so excuse me, but I have a number of questions.

My husband and I will be travelling to Tuscany middle to late 2019. We have previous,y been to Florence and now want to explore Tuscany in more depth.

What we are thinking is to obtain some self contained accomodation. For around 7 days. We would like to accomodation to be clean, tidy and somewhere we can relax and have a little privacy.

The Tuscany region that we wish to stay in needs to be easy to drive to the towns of San Gimignano, Lucca, Orvieto and and others, but these are the main ones we want to see. We would also like to be near a train station that could service us to go into Florence for the day, so we get a break from driving. Can anyone suggest a good central location for us to move around the Tuscany region by car during the day and come home to somewhere comfortable to relax in the afternoon.

I realise that I don’t have much of a clue about the different regions, but this email is my start to investigating further. Can anyone out there help me out with a specific and central area of Tuscany and some nice accomodation recommendations. Thanking you