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Thread: Calcio Storico 2019

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    Default Calcio Storico 2019

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to visit the 2019 semi finals of Calcio Storico. Because i'll be visiting Florence only for that weekend i was wondering if it would be possible to buy tickets online?

    Kind regards,

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    There have been comments about Calcio Storico 2018.

    Basically this year they changed the regulations regarding how you buy tickets. The authorities for a few years experimented with on-line sales but this resulted in many seats being purchased by non-Florence residents as well as ticket scalpers with the result that many Florentines were unable to find a ticket except at exorbitant prices. What many forget is that the Calcio Storico as well as the Palio of Siena are both very much local events even though they now have worldwide resonance. This year even Tim Cook turned up and was photographed with his companion even though this was not referred to.

    In 2018 the authorities stopped on-line sales and you can only buy tickets locally at a special booth. Obviously not a problem for Tim Cook as someone probably trotted down from the local Apple store but it does make it harder for someone outside Florence. Do you have someone who could buy the tickets locally?

    I have my personal contacts but perhaps either Lourdes or DonnaDenise may have an economic solution.

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    Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately I don't know anyone local, so if you have a solution for this champagne I'm more than happy to read about it.
    Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

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    In addition to what Craig already shared above, the thing is that the dates of the semi-finals are only decided on Easter Sunday by lottery, so you still have to wait until then to know with a certainty what weekend the semi-finals are being played.... and then, yes, find someone local who can go buy tickets for you once they go on sale.
    This year, tickets were being sold only about 4 DAYS before the matches!!
    Nothing is a given, you might be here and still not get a chance to go see the matches. If you're okay with the uncertainty, you can come and be lucky to get tickets standing room in the sections reserved for one or the other team.
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