My wife and I have been to Italy 3 times and its by far our favorite country to visit. We have been to all the major cities including CT and Siena. This summer we would like to spend 10 - 12 days in Tuscany ending up in Florence for a couple of days before heading home. We are in our upper 60s but very fit. I have never driven in Europe before. I have been looking at tour books and going crazy on how to plan out our stay. Don't really want to go on an organized tour.
We love good wine, food, beautiful landscape, strolling streets, and just relaxing at a leasurly pace, possibly ending the day with a cool dip in a pool. I was thinking about going the time of the year when Siena has its festival 7/2.
What I am really asking if someone has done this and can share their itinerary with us. I know its alot to ask. Where to start, where to stay, what towns, HELP. thanks