My husband and I are planning a 14 day trip to Tuscany in April/May 2020. We are thinking about flying either into Florence or Pisa and renting a car. We would like to visit Lucca, Pisa, Montalcino, Brunello, St Gimignano, Chianti, and Siena. We are interested in seeing beauty, taking cooking classes, perhaps spa treatments, eating good food and drinking good wine. The reason we thought about renting a car was to be able to visit all these little cities at our leisure and also due to the uncertainty of how to move around all these cities in public transportation and potentially with luggage. Any suggestions as a home base for day trips? We thought that perhaps Siena would be a home base to go to Montalcino, St. Gimignano, Chianti and Brunello and perhaps spend a night or two in Lucca. How about the parking situation in these cities? We are definitely open to suggestions on other cities to visit and everything else as we are feeling a bit lost. We would really appreciate any help you can give us!