Hello! We are two female friends with 12 days in Tuscany. Like so many here, we are trying to plan our time wisely. We wonder if hiking the between the 10 castella in Svizzera Pesciatina is as beautiful as it looks? Is the path well traveled and safe now? We read that it's not challenging, but don't find much info. about the hike itself, and if there is a way to get back to our car from wherever we end our hike.

Also, it sounds like much of the Blue path of Cinque Terre is closed now. We are considering 3 days there or in Lucca, and though they are totally different, we could use some advice given the trail closure. Our trip plan so far is arrive in Florence, we will stay at a beautiful BnB near Vicchio as a base to relax and also explore from; Chianti, Siena, etc. then possibly doing the Svizzera Pesciatina hike on our way to either Lucca or Cinque Terre. We will have a car, but would be nice not to keep it the entire time. It seems that it is best to be in Cinque Terre and Luca without a car, just to get around on foot, bicycle (Lucca) or train. We look forward to your suggestions!

Thank you!