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Thread: advice for discovering Tuscany

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    Default advice for discovering Tuscany

    Hello everyone, i ask for your help please in planning a late holiday/honeymoon for early august... we wish to spend 2 weeks discovering the region by car. As our base we wish to stay in a cosy hotel, close to a beach, preferably one that offers meals. We want to alternate between beach and sightseeing having a nice friendly comfortable hotel as a base... I don't know the region at all, so I ask for advice for hotels/ villages where we could stay... we do not need nightlife, neither children's facilities, just sandy beaches and friendly family atmosphere... any help and advice would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Honeymoon in Tuscany


    August will be a little tough to find romantic, tranquility - but that doesn't mean it isn't possible:

    You might look into dividing your vacation with two weeks on the island of Elba - our absolute favorite is :


    sandy beaches & close to restaurants.

    Then while on the mainland you could look at a few which are between the coast and many exciting little towns:


    in particular:

    You might want to do a few days on the end of your holiday in Florence - or if you want something with a tad bit of culture but still low-key, then look at Lucca or Siena.

    Start with full relax on the island - 5 days ? then 5 - 6 days in an agriturismo for some soft travel and then finish with a town.

    Buon Viaggio

    Donna Denise

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    Great topic! There is much useful info here. Thanks for sharing!

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    Well-planned trips are always successful. I always try to find out as much as possible about the country/place I am going to visit. I plan all the details thoroughly before the trip. By the way, using trip planner sites is a good idea https://travelsites.com/trip-planner/
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