Hi everyone.

I'm planning to make a trip to Italy in October 2020 with my family and we intend to spend a couple of days in the Tuscany countryside. I'm looking for a hotel, B&B or rooms in a Villa that ideally sits atop a hill with panoramic views of Tuscany's famous rolling hills. My initial research has indicated that Chianti may be a good region to stay in. I'll really appreciate if anyone can guide me on specific areas in Chianti, better yet if anyone can recommend specific B&Bs and villas that I can stay at. Proximity to large towns is not a concern since we will be renting a car and will be fairly mobile. My budget is around EUR 100-150 per night so we'd like to keep it a little cheap and avoid the luxury properties. I'd just reiterate that our main attraction is beautiful vistas and will be happy to go anywhere for it. Thanks in advance.