We are planning 2 weeks in Tuscany late Sept, early Oct, 2022. Have been there twice before, want to try a few new areas. Thinking of staying in Florence 4-5 days, then the balance of the time in downtown Lucca, with day trips from both places.

For Florence, we previously stayed at Hotel Grand Cavour...loved the location and the fabulous rooftop bar. Thinking of one day cooking class (market to table), one day San Gimignano (with winery), one day Greve/other towns, one day city tours/shopping.

For Lucca, (have not been there), thinking of day trips as well, perhaps one day getting familiar with the town. Not sure what hotels to choose there....

Thoughts on this itinerary? Interested in ideas on the trip, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and fun places to visit.

Thanks. Mike