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Thread: 3 Days in Tuscany Countryside (no car)

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    Default 3 Days in Tuscany Countryside (no car)

    Three of us girls will be flying into Rome early May. We have dedicated 3 days to see Tuscany (though I'm sure more time is needed). We're interested only in the Tuscan countryside - rolling hills, vineyards etc.

    The main destinations we have in mind are Chianti, Siena and Val d'Orcia. Could anyone advise where we should base? We won't be renting a car because we're not that confident in driving in another country, so buses/trains it is.

    Could anyone advise on an ideal itinerary? Thank you so much in advance!

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    Default 3 Days in Tuscany Countryside (no car) [reply]

    Dear q_olivia,

    the destinations you have in mind fit perfectly a three day visit. Those areas are very beautiful and give you a perfect idea of what the Tuscan countryside is like.

    I would recommend Siena as your base, first of all because you can reach it by train from Rome. Moreover it is a wonderful city you'll love and, once there, day trips are feasable.

    Val d'Orcia is south of Siena, while Chianti is north of Siena. Both areas are beautiful and famous for their hills and fantastic landscapes.

    As for trains and timetables, you can check the official Italian railways website here: Trenitalia.

    To be honest, many of the most interesting small towns or areas are not easily reachable by train or bus so you'll probably need to rely on a tour operator for day trips.

    Have a look at the proposals here: http://www.partner.viator.com/en/835...in-Tuscany/ttd
    There are several day tours in the Tuscan countryside as well as walking tours in Florence.

    Furthermore, if you base youselves in Siena you'll be just “in the middle” of any kind of countryside and wine tasting related itineraries. And you'll be in one of the most beautiful Tuscan cities that has preserved its ancient urban plan and magical medieval atmosphere.

    Hope this helps!

    Enjoy your vacation!


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