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Thread: visit southern part of Toscany

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    2 years ago, we visited the northern part of Toscany until San Gim. - Arrezzo and now we booked a hotel in August in Siena to visit the region as from there and more to the south. What to discover, what things to do in the mid weeks of August 2011 with 2 teenagers ? Especially looking for special occasions like we had the Vespa museam in Pontedera as finishing touch of our day trip Lucca-Pisa.

    Palio 16-8 ?
    Saturnia springs ?

    thanks for your input !


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    Default south of Tuscany (reply)

    Hello PatrickV,
    welcome to DT forum.

    Summer is the perfect period of the year for festivals and events all around Tuscany.

    But be aware (maybe you know already since this will be your second time here), that the weather will be quite warm.
    Being located in Siena seems the right choice if you want to discover the southern part of Tuscany. Are you planning to rent a car by chance? A car would be very useful to explore the countryside....maybe indispensable. Small villages are not reached by public transportation and the only way to get there is just by car.

    Did you explore Chianti during your last holidays? Maybe you did, as you went to San Gimignano, which is on the way to Chianti coming from the north.
    Perhaps you still haven’t seen the wonderful Val d’Orcia.
    I really recommend to explore Val d’Orcia, a beautiful area south of Siena.

    Other must see’s of the region are the Abbey of San Galgano, Montalcino, the Abbey of Sant’Antimo or Pienza.

    And as regards Maremma and its famous springs, here you can find a useful guide to Saturnia (wonderful even if not so near).

    As to events, I also would recommend the Palio.
    A couple of things to know:
    - watching the palio from the main square is free
    - watching it from the stands or palaces is not

    You can get into Piazza del Campo (the main square) until the police closes the adjoining streets, that is at least a couple of hours before the historical parade starts (the palio only takes place after the parade and other celebrations end). The square and the tight little streets around will be incredibly crowded long before everything takes place and once the parade starts you cannot leave the square. If you accept these inconveniences, then the mood will be great. Otherwise, choose to watch the show from one of the many towers and palaces overlooking the square. Ask your hotel staff to help you finding the tickets.

    Another event in Siena you may want to attend is the so called “Aromatic City”. It’s a free music festival, with concerts all around Siena. It takes place in the same period you’ll be there (it ends on August 26).

    You can have a look here as for other festivals in Tuscany.

    Anyway, I recommend to ask your hotel staff once there, as they may have flyers and being informed about other local events I may have missed.

    Kind regards

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