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    Hi, We will be staying at a villa outside San Gimignano for 5 nightsat the end of July. We will have a car and are trying to decide what day trips would be best. We have two children one 9 and the other 13. We also have friends we are travelling with who also have two children aged 7 and 8. We are planning on going to Cinque Terre one day, which will be a long day, but I think is worth it. Please let me know your thoughts.

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    Hello nichoel,
    San Gimignano as your base sounds great!

    From that wonderful town, you will enjoy many day trips. You can read this useful guide to some suggested itineraries in Tuscany.

    As to Cinque Terre, I am afraid I am going to disappoint you....but it is not a feasable day trip from San Gimignano. Whether you go by car or by train, it will take too much time. Moreover going by car is not advisable at all because of traffic and the lack of parkings and if you go by train you must stop in two or three cities (Empoli, Pisa and La Spezia) and change train every time.

    If you’re looking for beaches or typical towns why forget Tuscany? You can go somewhere closer to San Gimignano. You can read our recommendations about the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany.
    (read especially the section regarding Livorno and Grosseto, whose beaches are closer to San Gimignano).

    I really hope I’ve helped you

    Ciao and enjoy Tuscany!!!

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