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Thread: Travel from Rome to Rapolano Terme

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    Question Travel from Rome to Rapolano Terme

    Hello. I am traveling from the USA to Rome in September. I am then traveling to my destination of Rapolano Terme. I have been advised that this journey would involve finding and switching to four different trains ~~~ ideally I would love to hire someone to drive me ~ [any suggestions on this?] I would appreciate any advice on how to travel this distance in a less complicated manner than taking four trains. Is there a bus that might take one from Rome to Rapolano? I appreciate your time and help in advance!

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    Default Travelling to Rapolano Terme in Tuscany

    Welcome to the Forum woodsong!
    Rapolano Terme is lovely, good choice:-)
    Actually you can easily reach Rapolano Terme by train from Rome but switching just one train, don't worry. From Roma Termini train station you need to take the train to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme station and from here simply take the train to Rapolano train station. The whole journey will take less than 2 hours train ride. Travelling by train is surely quicker and better than travelling by bus. For detailed train schedules you can check here: www.trenitalia.com
    For any other suggestion you may need, as to accommodations, itineraries and so on, feel free to post any additional questions.

    Enjoy your stay in Tuscany!

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