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Thread: Travelling by taxi with a 2 year old

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    Default Travelling by taxi with a 2 year old

    We are going to Tuscany in a few months time and would like to avoid hiring a car if possible. We are situated between Poggibonsi and San Gimignano.

    Is it easy to get a taxi with a child car seat? How much is the fare for the journey between the two towns?

    Any information would be much appreciated.

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    Default Moving around San Gimignano

    Welcome to the forum KBarry!

    Actually the best way to move around Tuscany will be by renting a car, that is always recommended, especially if you are staying in the countryside.

    Having said that, if you prefer to avoid hiring a car, you can reach San Gimignano from Poggibonsi train station either by bus or taxi.
    The journey will take around 20 minutes. In order to be sure of having a child car seat, however, I suggest you consider hiring a car with driver; there are a lot of companies offering this service in the area around Siena, and you can search on Google for something like "private car with driver in Siena" or something like that.

    Anyway, moving by taxi or hiring a car with driver in Tuscany can come out rather expensive. Again, renting a car would be the best solution to explore the region and move freely to the small villages like San Gimignano. You can request a child seat at the moment of booking:


    In case you need any other suggestion as to where to sleep, what to visit and so on, just come back on the forum:-)


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