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    My 28 year old son and I will be staying in Lavento for two nights then heading to Rome through Tuscany. The places we would like to visit are Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena. This general area. then on to Rome. Can any one tell me if this is doable in 7 - 8 days. Do we hire a car or use public transport. We wouls like a day and night in Rome.
    Thanks Diane

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    Ciao Dianeg,

    So will you have 7-8 days to see Tuscany as you head down to Rome or are the days in Levanto and Rome included in the 8 days? Just trying to make sure I understand so that I can give you better suggestions!

    If you have the whole 7-8 days in Tuscany itself, you have several possibilities, most of them depending on whether you actually want to hire a car or use public transport. There are just some areas in Tuscany that are hard to reach on public transport, but this doesn't apply to the places you've mentioned above.

    Choice 1 - Move around with Public Transport: If you want to rely on public transport, you can definitely head to Lucca by train from Levanto, spend a night there, maybe also visit nearby Pisa and its Leaning Tower and then move on to Siena. I'd recommend at least 2 nights there, giving you a chance to also take the bus to San Gimignano to see the medieval town. Have you been to Florence before? Because if you haven't, I'd definitely add at least 2 nights there in between Pisa and Siena. From Siena you can then head down to Rome by train.

    Choice 2 - Move around with own Car: If, on the other hand, you are not opposed to renting a car and driving around, you could actually base yourself in one place in the Tuscan countryside, renting an apartment in a villa or farmhouse for the entire week and then take day trips to all of the places you want! Tuscany isn't that big but you do want to stay in a central location, in Chianti for example, so that each day you can head in a different direction to see a new place.

    Anyways, before offering more ideas on additional places you can visit - in addition to Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, Florence and Siena - it would be good to hear what you think of the above and if you like one more over the other Hope you're enjoying planning your trip!
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